New in System Analyser version 5.3x

sa53x 15-11-2011
SMBUS support: 6 extra
SMB vendor list: 50 added
PCI: 633 lines added
IDE support: 6 controllers added
DDR3 info improved
Cache measuring new Intel processors improved
New cache descriptors Intel added
Hyperthreading measuring new Intel processors improved

sa53w 14-7-2009
SMBIOS version 2.6.1 added
SATA recognition:
  versie 2.6, III, 6 GBs
SMBUS support:
  ATI IXP200, IXP300, IXP400, SBX600
SMB vendor list:
  36 added
  !!! 4000 added !!!
Video cards:
  200 added
  7 merken added
  600 typen added
IDE support:
  45 added

sa53v 7-2-2009
Feature flags Intel:
  DTES64 = 64-bit Debug Trace
  FMA = Fused Multiply-Add
  AES = Advanced Encryption Standard
  AVX = Advanced Vector Extensions
Recognition newer Intel processors improved
SMb bus support:
  VIA VX800/VX820
  Intel PCH
  2 added
  !!!! 11329 lines PCI info added !!!!
  !!!! It has grown 75% !!!!
  There is now a separate smaller zipped SA53.PCI file for floppy use.
  This new SA53.PCI file is now 815 kB (was 467 kB)

sa53u 10-8-2008
AMD Phenom support
SMbus support extended for:
  Intel ICH10
  Intel Tolapa
SMB vendor list:
  65 added
Video cards added:
    Radeon HD 3200
    Radeon 3100
    Radeon HD 3300
    Mobilitiy Radeon HD 3400
    Mobilitiy Radeon HD 3450
    Mobilitiy Radeon HD 3470
  57 added.
PCI +/-130 added:
  ATI, AMD, Intel

sa53t 9-2-2008
Multimedia-Devices feature recognition added:
  SecureDisc Feature
  DVD CSS Feature
PCI classes added:
  Host Controller (Without DMA)
  Host Controller (With DMA)
PCI capabilities added:
  SATA HBA features
Video cards added:
  ATI: RADEON X700, RADEON X1650, RADEON 2100, RADEON HD 2350,
    RADEON HD 2400 family, Mobility Radeon HD 2400 family, Radeon E2400,
    Radeon HD 2600 family, Mobility Radeon HD 2600 family,
    RADEON HD 2900 family, RADEON HD 3600, Radeon HD 3850, Radeon HD 3870,
    FireMV 2400, FireGL V3600, FireGL V5600, FireGL V7600, FireGL V8600.
    FireGL V8650
  Nvidia: Quadro FX 360M, Quadro FX 370, Quadro FX 570, Quadro FX 1600M,
    Quadro FX 1700, GeForce 7900 GS, GeForce 7950 GT,
    GeForce 8400 Family, GeForce 8600GS, GeForce 8800 Family,
    Quadro NVS 140M, Quadro NVS 135M, Quadro NVS 290
IDE support extended for:
  VIA SATA Controller
  490 added.
PCI +/-230 added:
  Agilent, Micrel-Kendin, Compaq, ATI, Matrox, Hewlett-Packard, Texas,
  Promise, Nvidia, VIA, Philips 24, Eicon Networks, Syskonnect,
  Lucent/Agere, 3COM, Conexant, Lynx Studio, U.S. Robotics,
New PCI brand added:
  Silicon Software GmbH

sa53s 29-9-2007
AMD: level 3 cache, cache way extended
PCI support: AMD (Family 11h) Athlon 64/Opteron/Sempron
Feature flags AMD:
  ABM, SSE4a, SSE5a, misaligned SSE, OS-visible workaround,
  instruction based sampling, SKINT, Watch Dog Timer, POPCNT, Page1GB
Intel: cache codes added
Extra Instructions:
  ABM, SSE4a, SSE5a (now all visible)
DMI/SMBios version 2.6a partly added:
  Processors: Intel Core, Intel Core 2, ESA/390 G6, z/Architecture base,
    VIA C7-M, VIA C7-D, VIA C7, VIA Eden
  Slots: PCI expresse x1 x2 x4 x8 x16
IDE support extended for:
  AMD: AMD-755, AMD-756, AMD-766, AMD-768
  Initio Corp: inic1620
  Intel: ICH8R/ICH9R
Monitors: 90 added
Video cards added:
  ATI: FIREGL X3-256, FIREMV 2400, FIREGL V3200, FIREGL V3400,
    FIREGL V5000, FIREGL V5200, FIREGL V7100, FIREGL V7200,
    FIREGL V7300, FIREGL V7350, R430 XTP, RV371, RV370X,
    R480 CONSUMER 4P, RV505, RV530, M52, Radeon X550/X700,
    Radeon X800, Radeon X850, Radeon X1300, Radeon X1550,
  Radeon X1600, Radeon X1650, Radeon X1900, Radeon X1950,
  Radeon XPRESS 1300, Mobility Radeon X300, Mobility Radeon X1450,
    Mobility Radeon X1350, Mobility Radeon X1800
  Nvidia Corp:Quadro NVS 120M, Quadro FX 4600, Quadro FX 5600,
    GeForce 7350, GeForce 8300, GeForce 8400, GeForce 8500, GeForce 8600,
    GeForce 8800, GeForce 7050, nForce 630a, GeForce 7025
  S3 Inc: GammaChromeS18, Chrome 20 Series
PCI +/-330 added:
  LSI Logic, ATI, AMD, NEC, HP, National, PLX, Nvidia, Emulex, Philips,
  Eicon, D-Link, Marvell, Lucent/Agere, Timedia, Edimax, Broadcom, VIXS,
  Attansic, JMicron, Conexant, S3, Intel, Adaptec, Parallels Software
New PCI brand added:
  Parallels Software International Inc

sa53r 27-6-2007
feature flags added:
  Intel: SSE4.1
         Performance Debug Capability MSR
  AMD: 3DnowPrefetch
Partition code added:
  GPT disk
  EFI system
  IBM Utility
  !!! 2200 added !!!
Video cards:
  90 added
IDE support:
  36 added
  !!! 1850 added !!!

sa53q 31-3-2007
Recognition added:
SMB vendor list:
  19 added, 1 changed (Jedec 106V)
SMbus support extended for:
  Intel ICH9
  VIA VT8237A
  VIA VT8251
  VIA CX700
  355 added and 25 brands
PCI added:
  Intel 2930/00 82801H (ICH9 Family) SMBus Controller
SATAPI recognition improved
Several small problems solved

sa53p 9-12-2006
Intel core 2 information improved
SSE4 is now S-SSE3
Sound: also High defenition audio souncards
feature flags added
  Intel: SMX = Safer Mode Extensions, Direct Cache Access
  AMD: EAS = extended APIC space
PCIexpresse type added:
  PCI/PCI-X to PCIe Bridge
  Integrated Endpoint
SMB vendor list:
  30 added, 29 changed (Jedec 106u)
Problem with patition table solved
CL DDRII memory corrected

sa53o 16-9-2006
Recognition AMD Geode GX, Geode LX
Recognition feature flag SSE4
Recognition Intel Xeon woodcrest
SMbus support extended for:
  Intel ICH8
  Nvidia MCP51, MCP55, MCP61, MCP65
  Detection Nvidia SMBus improved
Problem with DDR2 solved
IDE support extended for:
  Nvidia, MCP55, MCP61, MCP65
  Intel ICH8 family
  VIA VT8237A, VT8251
Monitors: 63 added
Video cards added:
  Nvidia: 7300 SE, GeForce 7500 LE, GeForce 7900/7950 GX2, GeForce 7950 GX2
    Quadro FX 2500M, Quadro FX 1500M, GeForce 7600 LE, GeForce Go 7600
PCI +/-320 added:
  ATI, Texas, PLX, Nvidia, Tundra, Realtek, VIA, D-link, VMETRO, Silicom,
  Netgear, Broadcom, Silicon, FarSite, Sectra, JMicron, Intel, Adaptec,
  Digium, Eagle.
New PCI brands added:
  VMETRO Ltd (was: Transtech Parallel Systems Ltd)
  JMicron Technology Corp, TRENDware International Inc, TRX, Digium, Inc

sa53n 23-6-2006
Recognition of the new AMD sockets:S1g1, F (1207), AM2
Recognition of newer Intel Xeon Dual core processors
Recognition of the AMD Turion X2
IDE/(S)ATA info: Transport line added (ATA 8):
  (ATA8-AST, SATA 1.0a, SATA II:ext, SATA 2.5)
Extra libraries added: PCI classes and Award vendors
The DMI info is extended to the prelilimary version 2.5
IDE support extended for:
  ALi M5289, M5287, M5288
  Intel ICH8R
Award vendors: 2 added
Monitors: 7 added
SMB vendor list: 14 added (Jedec 106t)
Video cards added: ATI 40, Nvidia 30
PCI +/-270 added:
  ATI, Texas, Nvidia, O2 Micro, Broadcom, LSI Logic,
  Silicon Integrated Systems, Acer Labs, Creative Labs,
  ICP-Vortex Computersysteme, Philips, Marvell Semiconductor, VIA,
  Conexant, Intel, Ricoh, ENE Technology, Atheros Communications.

sa53m 14-4-2006
Intel Core Solo recognition added
Intel Core Duo recognition added
Intel Conroe recognition added
Cache recognition Intel processors extended
Feature flags Intel and AMD updated
False recognition, with old DVD's, of DVD Dual layer solved
SMbus support nForce4 MCP-04
Monitors: +/- 675 added
PCI +/-300 added:
  LSI Logic, ATI Technologies Inc, Silicon Integrated Systems, Nvidia Corp,
  Sundance Technology Inc, Broadcom Corp, Intel Corporation,
  Texas Instruments, Mylex Corp, Tyan Computer

sa53l 6-2-2006
AACS = Advanced Access Content System (DVD) recognition added
Serial ATA bij ATAPI recognition improved
AMD Sempron Palermo recognition added
Intel Presslar / Cedar mill recognition added
SMB vendor list 22 added. (Jedec 106s)
Video cards added:
  ATI: Radeon X850 PRO, Radeon X550 Series, Radeon X700 SE
PCI +/-20 added:
  PLX Technology, Acer Labs, Creative Labs, Conexant Systems,
  ATI, Interagon AS.
New PCI brands added:
  Kasten Chase Applied Research, Vector Informatik GmbH, Interagon AS

sa53k 3-12-2005
HD DVD-ROM, HD DVD-R, HD DVD-RW recognition added
AMD Feature flag: LahfSahf support in 64bit mode added
Processor information expanded.
Recognition of the active video adapter if more then one is present.
Information about AGP, PCI-express with the active video adapter
PCI class 'Hi-definition Audio' added
PCI Capabilities:
  Subsystem ID & Subsystem Vendor ID Capability added
  PCI-X: PCI-X 266 Capable, PCI-X 533 Capable
Some minor problems solved.
SMBus support:
  Intel Enterprise Southbridge SMBus
  Nvidia MCP04 SMBus Controller, MCP55 SMBus
SMB vendor list +/- 38 added. (Jedec 106k)
IDE support added:
  AMI: MegaRAID 428 Ultra RAID Controller
  Nvidia: MCP55 controllers
  ServerWorks: HT1000 Legacy IDE controller, K2 SATA
  RadiSys Corporation
  Intel: Enterprise Southbridge SATA, PATA, ICH7
  Silicon Image: 3132 SATALink Controller
ITE: ATA ATAPI Controller
Video cards added:
  ATI: R480 [Radeon X850XT], R481 [Radeon X850XT-PE], Mobility Radeon X800
    Radeon X1800 Series
  Trident: XGI Volari XP5
  Nvidia: Quadro FX 4500, Go1400, 3450/4000 SDI, NVS 285
    GeForce 6100, 6150, 6150 LE, 6200, 6200 LE, 6200SE TurboCache(TM)
    GeForce Go 6200 [NV44], Go 6200 TurboCache, 6500, 6600
    GeForce 6600 LE, 6600 GO, 6600 VE, Go 6600TE/6200TE [NV43]
    GeForce 6800 LE, 6800 GT, 6800 XT, 6800 Ultra [NV41.9]
    GeForce 7800 GT, 7800 GTX
  Intel: Mobile Integrated Graphics Controller
Monitors: 1 added
PCI +/-380 added:
  Silicon Image, VIA, Philips, Ricoh, ITE, mainpine, Ralink Technology,
  Nvidia, Intersil, ATI, AMD, Matrox, Acer, Creative Labs, RTD, Broadcom,
  Intel, Dynalink, Prolific Technology, LSI, IBM, AMI, Trident, Promise,
  Emulex, Serverworks, Connect Tech, ComputerBoards, RadiSys Corporation,
  Micro Memory, Dassault A.T., Meinberg Funkuhren, Kawasaki Steel Corp,
  CNET Technology Inc, Silicom Ltd, Mark Of The Unicorn Inc,
  Marian - Electronic & Software, Conexant Systems,
  Global Sun Technology Inc.
New PCI brands added:
  Prolific Technology, ZyDAS Technology Corp, Tekram Technology Co Ltd,
  Sonnet Technologies Inc,

sa53j 25-09-2005
Project names of all new AMD processors added:
  (Lancaster, Odessa, Oakville, Newark, Dublin, Georgetown, Paris,
  Palermo, Sonora, Toledo, Manchester, Venus, Troy, Athens, Denmark,
  Italy, Egypt)
New AMD Opteron DC 's added
AMD Turion MT / ML added
AMD64 UP client added
AMD sempron 64bit added
New AMD Extended Feature flag:
  RDTSCP instruction
Extra Instructions:
  xDBit, NxBit added
Number of CPU cores of Intel processors added
Intel Yonah added
SMBus support added:
  FBDIMM DDR2 & DDR3 information
SMBus support added:
  nForce2 MCP, nForce2 Ultra 400 MCP, nForce3 Pro150 MCP
  nForce3 250Gb MCP, nForce4 MCP
  Bus types added (PCI / AGP / PCI expresse / Cardbus / PCI-X)
Several small problems solved (SMBus, XP, ASPI, IEEE1284)
PCI +/-25 added:
  VIA, Ricoh Co Ltd, Texas Instruments, Marvell Semiconductor,
  TransDimension, Matrox Graphics Inc, Nvidia Corp, Intel Corporation,
New PCI brands added:
Monitors: 1 added

sa53i 29-07-2005
Via Winchip C5J core added
AMD core voltage added
AMD CPU cores added
AMD 64 X2, Opteron Dual core, Amd Turion recognition added.
Extra Instructions :
  SVM = AMD 'pacifica' Secure Virtual machine'
  VMX = Intel 'Virtual Machine eXtensions'
New AMD Extended Feature flags:
  (ECX) bit 0 LAHF/SAHF support in long mode
  (ECX) bit 1 CMPLegacy
  (EDX) bit 25 AMD FXSAVE/FXSTORE enhancements
SATA: Sata300 (3 Gbp) added.
IDE: Streaming Featureset support: no/on/off
Video memory of newer Nvidia cards improved
Bios info expanded:
  Phoenix / award bios
  More Dell bios info
  IBM Phoenix FirstBios
IDE support expanded:
  ATI IDE Controller, SIS SiS181 RAID Controller
Video card added:
  Nvidia GeForce 6200 TurboCache(TM)
PCI +/-185 added:
  AMD, Nvidia, Intel, ATI, AMI, Dell, Texas, Atheros, IBM, Matrox, SIS,
  3COM, C-Cube, Broadcom, SIS, Motorola, Xilinx Corp, Toshiba, Dolphin,
  GW Instruments, Rockwell, Marian - Electronic & Software, Broadcom Corp,
  Conexant Systems.

sa53h 21-05-2005
Price drop: now 12 US$ for one license.
New Feature flag: Intel Extented EDX 20 = XD bit (Execution Disable bit)
  Intel Extended EDX 11 = SYSCAL (Syscal/Sysret)
  Intel Feature flags: Extented ECX 20 = LAHF (LAHF/SAHF)
Recognition: dual-core Pentium XE (Smithfield)
ATAPI detection:
  BD CPS = Content Protection System for Blue-ray Disk (120)
DVD+RW DL: recognition added
PCI classes added:
  Inteligent controllers: I2O, Other
  Satelite communication controllers: Other
PCI class: 3 types added.
SMBus support:
  ICH7 added
IDE support expanded:
  ATI: 3* Serial ATA Controllers, 1* IDE Controller
  Intel: 3* I/O Controller Hub SATA
Video cards added:
  Matrox: Millennium P650 Series
  ATI: Radeon 7000 IGP, Radeon 8500 R200 QT, Radeon 9000 Series,
    Radeon 9100 R200 QU, Radeon 9200SE PCI (RV280),
  Radeon 9600 SE (RV350 AQ), Radeon 9700 Pro, Radeon X800 Series,
  Radeon Mobility 7000 IGP, Radeon Mobility 9000 (R250 Le),
    Mobility Radeon 9100 IGP (RS300M AGP), Radeon Mobility 9200 IGP,
    MOBILITY Radeon 9500/9600 (M10) (RV350), Mobility Radeon 9600 (M10 NQ),
    FireGL GL (M22), FireGL X3 (R420 JM), FireGL Mobility T2e (M11 NV),
    FireGL D1100 (RV370 5B65), FireGL V3100 (RV370 5B64),
    FireGL V5100 (R423 UR), FireGL V7100 (R423 UT), FireGL V7200 (R423 UQ),
  Intel: Integrated Graphics Controllers.
PCI +/-180 added:
  DEC, Matrox, 3COM, Networking Division, Nvidia, Digi International,
  ASCII Corporation, Compaq, ATI, VLSI, National Semiconductor, IBM, AMD,
  PLX, VIA, Pinnacle, Conexant, Atheros, Genesys Logic,
  Areca Technology Corporation, S2IO Technologies, Linksys, SiteCom Europe,
  Ammasso, MPL AG, Commtech, Orad Hi-Tec Systems, Tumsan Oy, Intel.
New PCI brands added:
  HaSoTec GmbH, Genesys Logic, Inc, Areca Technology Corporation,
  S2IO Technologies, Wistron NeWeb Corp, ZyXEL Communication Corporation,
  Astute Networks Inc, Ammasso, MPL AG, Commtech, Inc, Resilience Corp,
  Level 5 Networks Inc, Orad Hi-Tec Systems,
  Innominate Security Technologies AG, Progeny Systems Corp, Tumsan Oy,
  Smart Link Ltd.

sa53g 24-05-2005
New Feature flag: Intel EXC bit 5 VMX = Virtual Machine eXtensions
Hypertransport speed: HT0,HT1,HT2 with AMD processors
CE-ATA: recognition prepared
DVD-R DL: recognition added
PCI classes added:
  Serial ATA - vendor specific
  Serial ATA - AHCI 1.0
  Serial Attached SCSI (SAS)
PCI Express:
  Version, kind, Port number
  Maximum linkspeed and Width
  Current link speed and Width
IDE support expanded:
  National Semiconductor: CS5535 IDE
  Nvidia Corp: MCP04 Serial ATA Controller, MCP04 Parallel ATA Controller
    CK804/MCP04 SATA Controller, MCP51 Parallel ATA Controller
    MCP51 Serial ATA Controller
  VIA Technologies: VT6421 IDE RAID Controller
  Netcell Corporation: SyncRAID SR3000/5000 Series SATA RAID Controllers
  Silicin Image: SiI-3114 SATARaid Controller
SMB vendor list +/- 35 added. (Jedec 106q)
Video cards added:
  ATI:Mobility Radeon X300, Mobility Radeon X600, MOBILITY RADEON X700
    Radeon X800 Series, Radeon X850 Series, Radeon XPRESS 200
    Fire GL X2, Fire GL T2, FireGL M24 GL, FireGL V3200
    Mobility Radeon 9100 IGP, MOBILITY Radeon 9500
    Radeon 9800 Family
  Nvidia: NV43 [GeForce 6600 GT], NV31, Quadro FX 700 Go,
    NV34M [GeForce FX Go5200], NV36, NV36 [Quadro FX Go1000]
    GeForce4 410 Go [NV17], GeForce FX Go 5700 [NV36]
  National Semiconductor: CS5535 Video
  IBM: GXT250P/GXT255P, GXT500P/GXT550P, GXT800P, GXT3000P, GXT2000P
    GXT4000P, GXT300P, GXT6500P, GXT4500P, GXT135P
  3D3D 3DLabs: VP9 visual processor, Wildcat III 6210,
    Sun XVR-500 Graphics Accelerator, Wildcat IV 7210
  S3 Inc: SuperSavage MX/64, SuperSavage MX/64C, VT8751 ProSavageDDR P4M266
  Intel: E7221 Integrated, 82915GM/GMS, 82910GML Integrated (Secondary)
PCI +/-550 added:
  ATI, AMD, SIS, PLX Technology, Nvidia, Eicon Networks Corp, O2 Micro Inc,
  Netodragon, Intel, Creative Labs, VIA, Pinnacle Systems, Broadcom Corp,
  Netcell Corporation, Conexant, Adaptec, MosChip Semiconductors, 3Com Corp,
  Tyxz Inc, Silicon Image, Hauppauge Computer Works, National Semiconductor,
  DEC, IBM, Texas, National Instruments, Sigma Designs, Workbit Corp,
  Syskonnect, Digi International, D-Link, Gage Applied Sciences, Marvell,
  Lucent/Agere Systems, Quicklogic Corp, Comtrol Corp, Network General Corp,
  Cyclades Corp, Tech-Source, Jaycor Networks, Aurora Technologies, Quatech,
  AVM Audiovisuelles MKTG & Computer GmbH, Meinberg Funkuhren, Netgear,
  Mobility Electronics, Broadlogic, Audiocodes, Myson, Mellanox, Linksys,
  Quadrics Supercomputers World, 3DLabs, ILC Data Device Corp, S3, Teralogic,
  VoiceTronix Pty, Matrox, HighPoint Technologies, Altheros Communications,
  Ricoh Co.
New PCI brands added: Nebula Electronics, Animation Technologies,
  VoiceTronix Pty, Asustek Computer.

sa53f 15-01-2005
With SAREP you can tailor the result file
DMI/SMBios version 2.4:
  (Bios information, System Information, Processor Information, System Slots,
  Memory Devices expanded)
SATA Native Command Queuing support
Power management detection: EIST
ATAPI detection:
  CSS = Content Scrambling System
  CPPM = Content Protection for Recorded Media
  CPRM = Content Protection for Prerecorded Media
  VCPS = Video Copy Protection System
  RPC info
  MRW = Mount Rainier reWritable
80286: himem.sys problem solved
LGA775 detecion
Extended memory detection with Phoenix bios improved
Total Memory detection improved
  ' + vesa mem' if video memory is shared with main memory
IDE support expanded:
  Apple Computer Inc
    K2 ATA/100, Shasta IDE
  Marvell Semiconductor (Was: Galileo Technology Ltd)
  MV88SX5040 4-port SATA PCI-X Controller
    MV88SX5041 4-port SATA PCI-X Controller
    MV88SX6041 4-port SATA II PCI-X Controller
Video chips added:
    IGP 34xM, Radeon 9000U Family, Radeon 9500 Family
    Radeon X600 Series, Radeon X700 Series, Radeon X800 Series
    FireGL T2, FireGL X2
  Nvidia Corp
    GeForce 6600 GT, GeForce 6600, GeForce 6610 XL
    Quadro FX 540, GeForce FX 5200, GeForce 6200
PCI +/-230 added:
  Compaq, LSI logic, ATI, SIS, Mitsubishi, Apple, Acer Labs, Nvidia,
  Eicon, Marvell, Vidac, Smart Link, Forschungszentrum Julich, Belkin,
  Hawking, Inra Networks, Linksys, Ralink technology, Mikrom, Topspin,
  Varisys Limited, DViCO Corp, Agat-RT, Intel, Broadcom.

sa53e 18-11-2004
Result file now also in XML format
Blue-ray Disk recognition: BD-ROM, BD-R, BD-RE added
Feature flag Intel: Execute Disable Bit (xD) added
Problem with partition recognition solved
DMI: not active languages added
DMI: CPU status:socket=Populated, status=Enabled/disabled/idle
AMD processors: mobile AMD 64 lowpower, Opteron Lowpower 55W,
  Opteron Lowpower 30W, mobile Athlon XP-M, mobile Athlon XP-M lowpower,
  mobile Sempron, mobile Sempron lowpower
Video chips added: ATI
  RADEON X300 Series, RADEON X300 Series, Radeon X800 Series
  Radeon 9000/9100 Pro IGP Series
Monitors: 16 added
PCI +/-70 added:
  Meilhaus Electronic, Sycron N.V., ATI, Toshiba, NEC, Interphase Corp,
  Emulex, Eicon Technology Corp, Lucent/Agere Systems,
  Stallion Technologies Inc, ESS Technology, Rockwell, Aureal Inc,
  Level One Communications, C-Media, Intel.

sa53d 17-09-2004
PCI version 3.0 info added:
    New capabilities: PCI Expresse, PCI-X, CompactPCI Hot-Swap, Hypertransport,
      PCI Hot-Plug, CompactPCI Resource Control, Slot Identification, MSI-X,
      Vital Product Data, Message Signalled Interrupt, Vendor-Dependant,
      Debug Port, Secure Device, Power management.
    Slot Identification: Number of slots and Chassis number
    PCI-X: Bus size and Maximum Speed
    Power Management: Version
    PCI Expresse: version
  New PCI classes: Serial ATA, PCI to RACEway (End-point), USB 2.0 (EHCI),
    Wireless Ethernet 802.11a, Wireless Ethernet 802.11b
AGP 8x detection improved.
Multiprocessor information when more than one processor is present.
Works again on an Intel 8088
PhoenixBIOS version info
Detection of monitor info type DDC1/DDC2B
Windows NT/2K/XP detection added:
  PCI bios recognition
  Monitor info.
  (PCI information when an ATI video card is present)
Several small improvements.
SMB vendor list +/- 20 added. (Jedec jep106p)
Video chips added:
  Cirrus: CL-GD 7541, 7548, 7555, 7556
  ATI: Radeon 9550, Radeon 9550 - Secondary
Monitors +/- 290 added:
  vendors added: Cornerstone, Lifetec, Likom, Medion, Shamrock
IDE support expanded:
  Acer Labs Incorporated (ALi)
    ALI M5229 EIDE Controller
  Nvidia Corp
    nForce2 EIDE Controller
    nForce MCP3 Dual Channel PCI IDE Controller
    nForce ATA Controller
    MCP2S Parallel ATA Controller
    MCP2S Serial ATA Compatible Controller
    CK8S Serial ATA Controller
    CK8S Parallel ATA Controller
    82801FBM ICH6M SATA Controller
PCI +/-1500 added:
  ATI, Matrox, SIS, Winbond, 3COM, Acer labs, Nvidia, Realtek, Philips,
  Xircom, Serverworks, Rockwell, Brooktrout, Moxa Techn., Abocom systems,
  Broadcom Corp, Bernecker + Rainer, Atheros Communications, Conexant, S3,
  Intel, Adaptec, Acer labs, Creative labs, VIA, Tiger Jet Network, Toshiba,
  Promise, Networking Division, ESS Technology, Pctel Inc, C-Media,
  ENE Technology.

sa53c 03-07-2004
Recognition of the AMD Sempron
Recognition of the Intel Xeon Nocona
Recognition of the Intel Celeron D
Recognition of the Intel Prescott step E0
Recognition of AMD mobile AMD64 Odessa
New cache info of Intel processors added
New feature flags:
  Intel: Send Task Priority Messages, EM64T
  VIA: FEMMS instuction, ACE present, ACE enabled
DVD+R DL recognition added
DDCD-ROM, DDCD-R, DDCD-RW recognition added
Stability in Windows NT/2K/XP improved.
Few improvements with DMI
SMBus support: ICH6 added
IDE support expanded:
  Silicon image 3124 PCI-X to Serial ATA Controller
  Intel ICH6/ICH6W SATA controller
  Intel ICH6R/ICH6RW SATA controller
  Intel ICH6 IDE controller
Intel Grandsdale and Alderwood chipsets added
Monitor brand added: LFT
Problem with Monitor name solved
Video cards added:
  Intel: 915G Grandsdale Integrated graphics
  Nvidia: GeForce 6800 Ultra [NV40.0], GeForce 6800 [NV40.1], NV40.2
    NV40.3, GeForce 6800 GT [NV40.5], NV40GL, Quadro FX 4000 [NV40GL],
    NV41.0, NV41.1, NV41.2, NV41.8, NV41GL, NVBR02,
    Quadro FX 3400 [BR02GL], GeForce 6800 Ultra [BR02.1],
    GeForce PCX 5750 [BR02.2], GeForce PCX 5900 [BR02.3]
    GeForce PCX 5300 [BR02.4], Quadro PCI-E Series [BR02GL]
    Quadro FX 13000 [BR02GL], GeForce PCX 4300 [BR02.7]
    GeForce4 448 Go [NV18M], GeForce4 448 Go [NV18M]
    Quadro4 700 GoGL [NV28GL], GeForce FX 5500 [NV34.6]
    GeForce FX 5100 [NV34.7], GeForce FX Go5100 [NV34M]
    Quadro FX 700 [NV35GL], GeForce FX 5700VE [NV36.4]
    NV36.5, GeForce FX Go5600 [NV36M]
PCI +/-100 added:
  Compaq, LSI Logic, ATI, AMD, SIS, Silicon Image, 3COM, ACER labs,
  Nvidia, Creative labs, VIA, Philips, Marvell Semiconductor, Pinnacle,
  Intersil, Broadcom corp, Syba Tech, Linksys, Ralink Technology, Intel.
New PCI brands added: Primagraphics Ltd, Elan Digital Systems Ltd,
  Varisys Limited, WIS Technology, Inc

sa53b 09-05-2004
Recognition of the Intel Prescott Celeron
Recognition socket AMD processors expanded (754/939/940)
Several small improvement
SMbus support:
  Intel 6300ESB SMBus Controller
SMB vendor list 28 added. (Jedec 106n)
IDE support:
  ATI Technologies 1x, VIA 1x
  National Semiconductor:
    SC1100/SCx200 IDE Controller
    6300ESB IDE Controller
  6300ESB Serial ATA Controller
  6300ESB Serial ATA Controller (RAID mode)
Video cards added:
  Silicon Integrated Systems:
  Nvidia Corp:
    NV31, NV38, NV36, NV36GL
  ARVOO Engineering BV:
    Leonardo CL, Leonardo CL-P, Leonardo CL-DB, Leonardo CL-P-DB
    Leonardo CL-DVR, Leonardo CL-DVR-DB,
  ATI Technologies:
  Radeon IGP9100
  National Semiconductor:
Monitors +/- 65 added:
  Dell, Fujitsu, Fujitsu-siemens, gateway, HP, Samsung.
PCI +/-600 added:
  PLX, Tektronix, National semiconductor, SiS, Motorola, Brooktree Corp,
  Nvidia, Creative labs, ESS tecnology, Micron Tecnology, Mainpine,
  Silicon Laboratories, Intel, ATI, AMD, Texas, Realtek,
  Atheros Communications, ARVOO Engineering, Agat-RT, S3, NEC, VIA,
  Acctron, ADMtek, C-Media.
New PCI vendors:
  Addtron, Agat-RT, ARVOO Engineering BV

sa53a 28-02-2004
Recognition of the AMD Newcastle
Recognition of the Intel Celeron M
Recognition of the Intel Dothan adjusted
Feature flag added: CMPXCHG16B available
The HD name (ATA info) also for HD 4 to 15
More PCI sound cards recognized
IDE support for: ServerWorks 4x, SiS 1x, Dell 1x, Acer 2x,
  Intel 1x, Aralion 2x
  Silicon image SiI-3512
  Promise PDC20277
Monitors +/- 150 added:
  Compaq, Iiyama, Samsung, Sony.
Video cards added:
    Radeon IGP 340, Radeon 9100 IGP
  Nvidia Corp
    GeForce4 MX 4000, GeForce FX 5900XT, GeForce FX 5950 Ultra
    GeForce FX 5700 Ultra, GeForce FX 5700, Quadro FX 1100
    Geforce4 488 Go, GeForce FX Go 5600, GeForce FX Go 5650
    GeForce FX Go 5200, GeForce FX Go 5250, GeForce FX Go 5200 32M/64M
    GeForce FX Go 5300
  VIA Technologies Inc
    KM400 Graphics Adapter
    82835 Integrated Graphics Device
  Matrox Graphics Inc
  XGI Technology Inc
    Volari Family
  S3 Inc
    DeltaChrome, DeltaChromeX9m
  Integrated Micro Solutions
    IMS9135 TwinTurbo 128-3D Display Adapter
PCI +/-400 added:
  ATI, Nvidia, Intel, Matox, Texas, 3COM, Creative, VIA, Serverworks,
  Pinnacle, Intersil, Adaptec, SIS, Silicon Image, Acer, Promise,
  Davicom Semiconductor Inc, National Semiconductor, Cirrus, Matrox,
  AMDtek, Top Semiconductor, Ambient, XGI technology, S3, Tiger Jet Network,
  Dell, Integrated Micro Solutions, D-Link, Lucent, Broadcom Corp,
  Conexant Systems, Aralion Inc, U.S. Robotics.
New PCI vendors:
  AudioScience Inc, Supergrace, Ge-Cube, Celestica,
  Hightech Information System Ltd (Medion??)

sa52z 12-12-2003
Recognition of the VIA Antaur+ added
Recognition of the Pentium 4 Extreme Edition added
AMD hammer info improved
Difference between the mobile P4 and P4-M
Extended VIA Feature flags added:
  RNG present (random number generator)
  RNG activated (random number generator)
SMBus support for VIA 8237
IDE support:
  Acard Technology Corp: 10 Controller added
  VIA: 1 Controller added
  Marvell Semiconductor: 2 Controllers added
Monitors +/- 380 added:
  Fujitsu Siemens, Dell, Daew, Elonex, FSC, Fujitsu, MAG, Mitsubishi,
  NEC, Philips, Proview, Samsung, Siemens, Sony, Samtron, Tatung.
Video cards added:
  ATI Technologies: Radeon NJ (R350), Radeon Mobility M10 NT (RV350-WS)
    Rage 128 Pro Ultra TS, Rage 128 Pro Ultra TT, MOBILITY RADEON 9200
    MOBILITY RADEON 9600 Series, RADEON 9200 (RV280), RADEON 9200 PRO (RV280)
    RADEON 9600 SERIES (RV350), RADEON 9600 SERIES (RV360), Radeon 9800 Pro
    RADEON 9800 (R350), RADEON 9800 SE (R350), Radeon 9600TX (R300)
  Nvidia Corp: GeForce FX 5600SE, GeForce FX 5900 Ultra, GeForce FX 5900
  Quadro FX 3000
  Trident Microsystems: Cyber-XP4
  Cirrus: GD5464
PCI +/-180 added:
  ATI, Rohde & Schwarz, Adaptec, SiS, 3COM, Nvidia, Creative labs,
  FORE Systems, Eicon Technology, Equinox Systems, Acard Technology,
  Lite-On, Lucent/Agere Systems, Specialix, Comtrol corp, Rockwell,
  Broadcom Corp, U.S. Robotics, Conexant, Texas Instruments, Marvell,
  Intel, MosChip, LSI, DEC, Trident, NEC, PLX technology, Realtek, VIA,
  Compex, VMWare, Agilent, Atheros, SafeNet, NetOctave,

sa52y 10-10-2003
Recognition AMD applebred added
Recognition AMD 64 / Opteron family improved and expanded
AMD 64 / Opteron socket 754 / 939 / 940 added
Recognition Pentium M values improved and expanded
Recognition Pentium M (Dothan) added
Recognition new VIA processors improved
Intel cache codes expanded
Recognition: AA64 (Itanium), AIS (VIA antaur MMX)
VIA Feature flags: AIS supported / AIS enabled / Power Saver MSR available
Power mangement: VIA Power Saver added
Serial ATA small improvement
IDE recognition:
  Integrated Technology Express (ITE) Inc IT8212 ATA RAID Controller
Award bios vendors: 2 added
  Nature Worldwide, HighTech Information Systems
Partition code: 17 types added
SMB vendor list +/- 100 added. (Jedec 106m)
Video chip added:
  Matrox Parhelia-LX AGP
PCI +/-360 added:
  ITE, PLX, Intel, Cirrus Logic, Eicon Technology, Quancom Electronic,
Matrox, SIS, Motorola, Ali, Creative labs, VIA,ADMtek, Atheros, Linksys.

sa52x 08-08-2003
Recognition of: AMD mobile Athlon XP-M (barton)
Feature flag: Enhanced Speedstep added
Recognition: AMD 64 paris improved
The program works again on: 8088/86/V20/V30.
Serial ATA Recognition improved
SATA 1.0 / II added.
DDR2 info expanded.
CL / cycle time pairs are shown
Recognition of 3 extra IDE adapters possible.
IDE adapters in the Enhanced mode are recognized.
Support for IDE controllers:
  VIA VT6410
  Intel 82801EB (ICH5) SATA Controller
  Silicon Image
    PCI064OA, PCI0640, PCI0642, PCI0643, PCI0646,
    PCI0648, PCI0649, Sil0680, SiI3112.
Video chip added:
  S3 86C278 Savage/IX
PCI +/-100 added:
  3COM, Via, NEC, Promise, Silicon Image Inc., Realtek,
  Connect Tech Inc, Conexant, Moxa Technologies Co Ltd,
  LSI, SiS, Mainpine ltd, S3.

sa52w 05-06-2003
Recognition AMD Opteron:
  Multipliers, Brand ID, name, PowerNow, X86-64, APIC, PCI
Recognition DDR II memory
IDE support Highpoint HPY302N and HPT372N
SMB Support Intel ICH5
Correction multiplier Some AMD XP's and Duron's
Video chips added:
  Quadro FX 500 [NV34GL.4], NV34GL
  Radeon 9700, Radeon 9000 (RV250),
  Mobility FireGL 9000, Mobility Radeon 9000
  GeForce FX 5600 [NV31.1], GeForce FX 5600 [NV31.2]
  GeForce FX 5200 [NV34.2], GeForce FX 5200 [NV34.3]
  GeForce FX 5200 [NV34.4]
  82865G Integrated Graphics Device
PCI +/-195 added:
  Intel, Belkin Corp, Echo Corporation, AJA Video, Broadcom, LSI, DEC, AMD,
  Chips and Technologies, Nvidia, Realtek, Serverworks, ESS Techn., Conexant,
  HiNT Corp, National, Acer, SIS, Motorola, Interphase Corp, 3COM Corp, Ali,
  Intersil, Rockwell, Alchemy, Delta Networks, Adaptec, AMI, NEC, O2,
  Philips, ATI, Highpoint, Via, Techsan, ARTX Inc.

sa52v 03-04-2003
Recognition of Pentium 4 (Prescott) added
Recognition of Pentium-M (Banias) added
Support for Promise controllers: FastTrak TX4000, FastTrak TX2000
SMBus support for Intel ICH4 and Via VT8235 added
Speedstep with ICH4-M added
Speedstep recognition of ICH2-M,ICH3-M corrected
Support for PC3700/DDR446
20 PCI 2.3 class code descriptions added
Feature flags added: Prescot New Instructions, MONITOR/MWAIT,
  CPL-Qualifier Debug Store, Thermal Monitor - 2, AMD MP-capable
10 CPUID cache codes added for Intel processors
Prescot New Instructions support recognition added
SATA recognition improved
SA52.INI file added.
 This can suppress several screens/screen parts in the result file:
  Device drivers, Environment, Memory Control Blocks, CMOS memory,
  PCI, PCMCIA, Plug & Play, ESCD, DMI, IRQ + DMA, Remark
Video chips added:
  Fire GL X1/Z1, Fire GL Z1/Z1 Pro, Fire GL Z1 AGP/Pro
  Radeon 8500 All-in-Wonder DV Edition
  Radeon 9100 Series (R200)
  Radeon 9100 Series (R200) - Secondary
  Radeon 9500 Series (R300)
  Radeon 9500 Series (R300) - Secondary
  Radeon 9700/9500 Series (R300)
  Radeon 9700/9500 Series (R300) - Secondary
  82852GM Montara, 82855GM Montara
  GeForce FX [NV30.1], NV31.1, NV31.2, NV31GL.1, NV31GL.2, NV34.2
  NV34.3, NV34.4, NV34GL.3, NV34GL.4
PCI +/-315 added:
  LSI Logic, ATI, SiS, Texas, Promise, Philips, Creamware GmbH, Broadcom Corp,
  ENE Technology Inc, Intel, Via, Micron, Texas, Promise, 3COM, ALi, Nvidia,
  Initio corp, Creative labs, Lucent, C-Cube, AMDtek, C-Media, 3Dlabs, AMD,
  NEC, Samsung, Lite-On, Davicom, Abocom, Matrox, Acer labs, Digi international,
New Monitors: 10 samsung

sa52u 07-02-2003
Serial ATA recognition added
New feature flag: Context ID
New values for Intel trace cache and second level cache
New Brand ID's for Intel Pentium 4 family
Multiplier for mobile AMD Athlon 4/XP with max and min value
Multiplier for newer AMD Athlons corrected
Recognition of AMD Athlon MP's
Recognition of AMD Athlon Barton
Recognition of AMD Athlon 64 Paris
Recognition of VIA C3 Nehemiah
SDRAM/DDR: PCxxxx and DDRxxx values added
RDRAM: PCxxxx values added
DMI expanded to version 2.3.4
Support for Promise 3376 and Promise Ultra618 IDE Controllers
ACPI version number added
APM version number corrected
XMS calls improved
FreeDos hard disk recognition support improved
Problems with SIS chipsets solved
Problem with Intel ICH3 & ICH4 solved
Nvidia nForce2 chipset added
Video chips added:
  GeForce4 MX 460
  GeForce4 GeForce4 420 Go 32M [NV17M]
  GeForce4 460 Go [NV17M]
  GeForce4 440 Go 64M [NV17M]
  GeForce4 Ti 4800 SE [NV28]
  GeForceFX 5800 [NV30]
  GeForceFX 5800 [NV30]
  QuadroFX [NV30GL]
  QuadroFX [NV30GL]
PCI +/-170 added:
  SIS, Promise, PLX Technology, Nvidia, Realtek, Bittware, Dialogic Corp,
  Conexant Systems, Acer, VIA, Eicon, Digi International,
  Lucent/Agere Systems, Comtrol Corp, C-Cube Microsystems, Intel,
  Creative Labs, ATI, NEC, Silicin Image, 3COM, Broadcom Corp,
  ICS Advent.

sa52t 12-12-2002
Hyper Threading detection added (number of logical processors)
Speedstep detection expanded
Intel Feature flag: Pending Breake Enable added
Recognition of SiS550x processors
Bus type detection improved
In batch now also the 'main page' can be printed instead of save the whole
Intel E7505 Chipset added.
Several small improvements made.
Video chips added:
  Radeon Mobility U1, Radeon 9700 Series - Secondary
 SiS   SiS550/1/2
  GeForce4 MX 420 with AGP 8X [NV18], GeForce4 MX 440 with AGP 8X [NV18]   GeForce4 MX 440SE with AGP 8X [NV18], GeForce4 Ti 4600 with AGP 8x [NV28]   GeForce4 Ti 4200 with AGP 8x [NV28], Quadro4 280 NVS [NV18GL]
  Quadro4 380 XGL [NV18GL], Quadro4 580 XGL [NV18GL]
  Quadro4 780 XGL [NV28GL], Quadro4 980 XGL [NV28GL]
  82845G/GL/GV Integrated (A1-step), 82845PE Integrated (B0-step)
  82845G/GL/GE Integrated (B1-step)
PCI +/-200 added:
  Intel, Creative Labs, Oxford, Epix Inc, ATI, Acer labs, Nvidia, VIA,
  ServerWorks, Acard, Analog Devices, Davicom, Conexant, Myson, SiS,
  MosChip, Tiger Jet Network, DEC, IBM, Texas, Silicon Image, Realtek,
  Initio, Philips, Reliance, Ricoh, D-link, Marvell Semiconductor,
  Level One, Broadcom, Atheros,, Adaptec, Stargen,
  IC Book Labs, Tyxz Inc, Endace.

sa52s 10-10-2002
Intel Itanium 2 added
Intel Celeron P4 added
AMD Hammer recognition improved
AMD Feature flag: No-Execution Page Protection
PCI Now all: ROM base address & I/O base address & Mem base address
Support for IDE High Point controller:
  HPT372A UDMA/ATA133 RAID Controller
Vendors added according Jedec 106-K. 115 added.
Several small improvements made.
New video cards:
  MagicMedia 256AV+
  Radeon 9000
  Radeon RV250 Secondary
  Radeon 9700 (Series)
PCI +/-200 added:
  ATI, Innovative Integration, Advantech, Infineon, National Datacomm,
  Compaq, AMI, VIA, PMC-Sierra, Jungsoft, PLX Technology, IBM, HP, Texas,
  Eicon, Pericom, ESS, digicom, LSI, SIS, 3COM, Acer, ALI, Neomagic, Nvidia,
  High point, Nortel, Silicon motion, Creative, Symbol Technologies, S3,
  Ericsson, Intel, Myson Technology, Sealevel, Blue Chip, Lava Computer,
  DIC Information Technology, Motorola, Lucent, Middle Digital.
   +/-300 vendors added.

sa52r 04-08-2002
With CD and DVD the read/write support of:
Recognition of: AMD Hammer added
DMI extended to version 2.3.3
SMBUS support for: VIA 8233CE, 8233A, 8231, 686A.
DOS OEM name added
Problem with FreeDos solved
Support for IDE High Point controllers:
 HPT343/5/6,HPT363, HPT370A, HPT368, HPT366, HPT371, HPT374
PnP problem with laptops solved.
New video cards:
 SGS Thomson Microelectronics
 3Dlabs 3D3D:
  Glint R4
  Glint R5
  82830M/MG Integrated Graphics Device (A5-step)
  82830M/MG Integrated Graphics Device (A6-step)
  82815 Solano Graphics Device (GMCH A0-step)
  82815 Solano Graphics Device (GMCH A1-step)
  82815 Solano Graphics Device (GMCH A2-step)
  82815/G/EG Solano Graphics Device (GMCH B0-step)
  82815EM Solano Graphics Device (GMCH2-M A0-step)
  82815EM Solano Graphics Device (GMCH2-M A1-step)
PCI +/- 500 added:
 ATI, Fujitsu, Realtek, Philips, Intel, Broadcam, National, AMD, NEC,
  Winbound, Promise, Nvidia, Sigma Designs, VIA, Cirrus, Matrox, Motorola,
  Brooktree, D-link, Lucent, Analog Devices, 3Dfx, Aztech, ESS,
  Symphony labs, PLX Technology, Luceny, Quicknet, IBM, Reliance, HP,
  Adapetec, ICompression, Hauppauge, SGS Thomson, Picopower, Toshiba,
  Intersil, Evergreen, Intersil.

sa52q 02-06-2002
AMD Athlon Thoroughbred added.
VIA C3 Ezra and C3 Ezra-T added.
Info of VIA C3 improved.
Error with multiplier of Northwood corrected.
DMI: System Power Supply expanded.
Is there a non DOS hard disk present, than, in DOS,
 the partitions, real capacity and address (80,81..) are shown!
With the IDE info of non DOS hard disks also the address is shown (80,81..)
'Active' (=bootable) now also with 'Non dos partitions' and 'Dive found?'
Intel 850E, Intel 845G/GL, Intel 845MP/MZ Intel, Intel Montara GM added.
SMBus support for 82801DB(M) added.
New Monitors:
 Brand: Daewoo, FUJITSU, I-O DATA, Modis. erbij.
 Type: Total +/- 1000 added !
PCI +/- 200 added:
 Sigma Designs, Arris, ATI, DEC, AMD, Trident, Dell, SIS, HP, Texas, Apple,
 Diamond, Brooktree, PLX, VIA, Eicon, VMIC, Digi International, Ricoh,
 D-link, RocketPort, Vmetro, Netgear, Level One, ARTX, Broadcom, Catalyst,
 Mellanox, Agilent, GemTek, Intel, Endance, Digital First, ashima,
 Endace, Ultraview, Weitek,Thomson, Interphase Corp, Conexant, National,
 IBM, AMI, Motorola, Qlogic, Sun, Nvidia, 3Dfx, Greenspring,
 Integrated Telecom Express Inc, Kongsberg Spacetec, Peppercon, Hint,
 3Dlabs,, NetOctave, YottaYotta, Peppercon, I+ME ACTIA.
New video cards:
  Radeon R200 QH, Radeon R200 QI, Radeon R200 QJ, Radeon R200 QK,
  Radeon 7500 QX, Radeon R200 Qh, Radeon R200 Qi, Radeon R200 Qj,
  Radeon R200 Qk, Radeon R200, Rade 128 Pro Ultra TU
 SiS325, SiS650
 GeForce2 MX 100/200 (DDR) [NV11DDR], Quadro2 MXR/EX [NV11GL],
 GeForce2 GTS/GeForce2 PRO [NV15], GeForce2 Ti (DDR) [NV15DDR],
 GeForce2 MX 200 [NV11DDR]
 Voodoo 3/3000 [Avenger]
 82845G/GL Integrated
PnP devices:
 Diverse Crystal PnP audio devices, Intel 82802 firmware hub

sa52p 06-04-2002
Intel mobile Pentium 4-M added + platform ID
Intel Xeon-MP (Prestonia) added
Intel SpeedStep detection added
AMD PowerNow! detection added
Multiplier of Pentium northwoord corrected
CPUID name now also with Pentium III Tualatin
Feature flag Hyper-Threading Technology added
SMBus support for Intel 82801CA/CAM and 82801E added
Support for Promise MBFastTrak133 Lite EIDE Controller
Most of SMBios updated to version 2.3.2
PnP Problem with a few portables solved
Several ESS soundcard devices added
New video cards:
  M7-GL, R200
  GeForce4 MX 420/440/460
  GeForce4 Ti 4200/4400/4600
  Quadro DCC
  Quadro4 200/400NVS
  Quadro4 500/700/750/900XGL
  ProSavage DDR, Twister, Twister-K
PCI +/- 155 added:
  Symbios, Kolter, AMD, Matrox, Promise, 3COM, High point, Mainpine, Intel,
  VIA, S3, Broadcom Corp, Conexant, Fujian Start, Legend, Hightech, Altima,
  ATI, VLSI, IBM, Adaptec, Raptor, Nvidia, Creative, Network General,
  SDL Communications, S S Technologies, Adlink Technology, Aironet, Cenatek.

sa52o 08-02-2002
Network drive share names added
Support for several new Promise IDE cards added (Ultra133 TX2 ...)
Writing speed of CD-writers added
CD-ROM disk name added
Capacity of IDE drives > 128GB corrected
Fixed clock ratio report of Tualatin's
Problem with Pentium 4 sockets solved. uPGA 603 pin added
Total memory, with modern computers, added.
The batch mode also without visible result info
Vendor & Device added with PCI IRQ Rooting table Specification
Type of partition also in NT/2000/XP
Several improvements in NT/2000/XP
IRQ detection in windows improved.
ATA info of hard disks and CD-ROM improved.
NODE address also with AMD PCI network cards
A Problem with nvidia video memory solved.
Video chips added:
  ATI Rage Mobility M3 AGP, Radeon Mobility M6 LW, Radeon Mobility M6 LY,
   Radeon Mobility M6 LZ, Rage Mobility 128 AGP, Radeon QE, Radeon QG,
   Radeon VE QZ, Rage 128 RG, Rage 128 Pro TL, Rage 128 Pro TR
  Trident Microsystems CyberBlade XPAi1, CyberBlade/XPm
  Matrox Graphics Inc MGA-G550
  Nvidia Corp NV17, NV17M, NV17GL, NV17M-GL, GeForce3 Ti 200 [NV20DDR]
   NV25, NV25GL
PCI +/- 540 added: Compaq, Symbios, ATI, DEC, IBM, AMI, AMD, Trident, Dell,
  Matrox, HP, Promise, Apple, Yamaha, Qlogic, Interphase Corp, Olicom, Sun,
  CMD, PLX, Realtek, VIA, ICP-Vortex, Integrated Device Technology, D-Link,
  Lucent, Analog Devices, Compex, Cyclades Corp, 3Dfx, AVM Audiovisuelles,
  Transtech, Rockwell, Holtek, Netgear, Moxa, HI-FN Inc, Lava, Titan,
  Broadcom Corp, Conexant, Topic, Aladdin Knowledge, Dunord, Adaptec, SIS,
  Nvidia, Creative Labs, S3, Intel, ASUSTek, Winbond, Antex, Pctel, Cologne,
  Billion, Abocom, Arcad

sa52n 07-12-2001
Pentium 4 Northwood and Northwood Xeon added
RPM of newer IDE drives more often measured
MAC address of Network card(s) if Netbios is present
LBA48bit info (drives > 137GB) added
Extra ATA info line added: SMART, Look-ahead, Write cache, APM
With CD-ROM found?: the complete ATA info shown now
Problem with DMI info of some Toshiba laptops solved
Hangup in windows NT/2000/XP solved
Video chips added:
  DecChip 21030, SIS 730
  Nvidia NV20BR GeForce3 Ti 500, Nvidia NV20GL Quadro DCC,
  Nvidia NV2A GeForce 3 Integrated (XBOX),
  Intel 82810E Integrated (at 133MHz)
  ATI Radeon 8500 DV, ATI Radeon 8500,
  ATI Radeon 7500, ATI Radeon 7200, ATI Radeon 7000
Soundchip added: Creative EMU10K2, SB0090 Audigy player
IDE controller added: Ultra133 TX2 (tm) IDE Controller
PCI +/- 140 added: DEC, Nvidia, VIA, Lucent, LuxSonor, Intel, IC Book labs,
  ATI, Promise, Symbios, National, IBM, Trident, Acer, NEC, SIS, Texas,
  3COM, Macronix, High Point, Accton, Centre for Development, Toshiba,
  Davicom, AMDtek, Dallas, Titan, Panacom, Lantech, Interconnect, PLX,
  Diagnostic Instruments, FarSite, Reprosoft, Eumitcom, NONTECH, Rockwell,
  Delta Networks, Scitex, Epigram, Adaptec, SMC, IPC-vortex, Ricoh, S3,
PCI Vendors: +/- 110 added.

sa52m 06-10-2001
Brand ID's of new Pentium III's
Samuel Software multiplier + FSB frequency
samuel 2 Level 2 cache info corrected
P4 platform: Socket 423 and Socket 478
APIC number with P4
Non DOS partition now also above 8GB
Intel 82468GX (Itanium chipset) added
Memory detection of Kyro and Kyro II corrected
Video chips in separate file
Video chips added:
  ATI: Rage Pro (atir3), Rage 3D IIC PCI (PQFP Package),
    Rage 3D IIC AGP (BGA Package), Mach64 GX (88800GX), Rage 3D IIC,
    Rage3D LT Pro AGP 66MHz (BGA-312 Package), Rage L Mobility AGP 2x,
    Rage 3D LT Pro PCI (BGA-256, Limited 3D), Rage P/M Mobility PCI,
    Rage L Mobility PCI, RAGE 128
  Avance Logic: ALG-2464
  IBM: GXT2000 (Fire GL1)
  Trident: Cyber9383, Cyber9520, Cyber9525, TGUI9683, CyberBlade-A i1
  Matrox: MGA-G450, Mistral
  Chips & Techn.: CT64310 Wingine DGX DRAM, CT69000 HiQVideo LCD/CRT
    CT65545 Flat panel/CRT, CT65540/545 Flat Panel, F68554, F68555, CT65560 PCI
  SiS: SiS305 (DVD), SiS630
  SGS Thomson: STG 1764X, Kyro, Kyro II
  Oak: OTI-64017, OTI-109
  Neomagic: NM2200 MagicMedia 256AV, NM2360 MagicMedia 256ZX, MagicMedia 256XL+
  NVidia: GeForce2 Ultra Bladerunner [NV15], Quadro2 Pro [NV15GL]
  Alliance: ProMotion AT25
  3DLabs: Permedia, 3D Extreme Permedia, Permedia 3
  Intel: 82810-M DC-100 Integrated, 82810-M Integrated
  ARK: ARK2000MI
PCI +/- 275 added: SGS-Thomson, D-link, IC Ensemble Inc, NEC, Philips,
  Xircom, Rockwell, 3ware Inc, Broadcom Corp, Mobility Electronics, Compaq,
  Symbios logic, Hewlett-Packard, Perceptive Solutions, ADMtek,
  V3 Semiconductor Inc, Lucent, ITE, DEC, IBM, Trident, Asustek, Elsa, Texas,
  Anigma Corp, Promise Technology, Qlogic, Interphase Corp, Forex, Olicom,
  PLX Technology, Madge Networks, Mitsubishi, Nvidia, Tundra, Realtek,
  Creative Labs, VIA, Fujitsu, Zoran, S.A. Telecommunications, Ensoniq,
  Alteon Networks, Cologne, Oxford Semiconductor, Zoltrix, Pacific Digital,
  Ambient Technologies, S3, Intel, Tiger Jet Network

sa52l 04-08-2001
New Processors:
  Intel Pentium III Tualatin
  Intel Mobile Pentium III-M
  AMD mobile Duron
  AMD mobile Duron model 7
  AMD Athlon MP
ATA/IDE info:
  Harddisk found?: more info
  CD-Rom found?: more info
HMA Memory blocks in MCB screen.
DIMM memory info also for VIA 686B
Video recognition: Trident Cyberblade XP
Bios recognition:
  Medallion bios
Several small improvements
PCI +/- 140 added: Real 3D, Symbios, National, Realtek, Digital Audio labs,
  Infineon, Brooktree, PLX, Digi International, Lucent, Moxa, Cirrus, AMI,
  Xilinx Corp, High Point, VIA, Marian, C-Media, Intel, ATI, Trident, SIS,
  nVidia, Sony, ForteMedia, IBM, Trident, Opti, Texas, Xircom, Toshiba,
  Rockwell, Mainpine, Adaptec, SGS Thomson, Newbridge, Exar.

sa52k 03-06-2001
Recognition Mobile Athlon 4
Recognition Pentium 4 Xeon
DMI: BIOS network service boot added
BIOS strings + address and length in winows
Problem with exit SA with VIA chipset in windows sloved
PIF file added
Some inprovements in Windows NT/2000
Problem in ASPI driver solved. (did stop sometimes)
Several small improvements
A lot of manufacturors added for the DIMM/RIMM data
PCI +/- 20 added: AMD, SIS, PLX, 3COM, Nvidia, VIA, AT&T, Rockwell,
  ICompression, Intel.

sa52j 13-04-2001
Via Samuel 2 now called Via C3
Pentium 4 data improved and expanded
Hard disk capacity detection improved.
Seek times with hard disks > 8GB improved
Domain detection of Microsoft LAN manager improved
Detection PnP ROM's improved
Display RDRAM improved and expanded
Some improvements in DMI display
DMI Bios now also the not supported features
Data from IDE ports other than 1F0 en 170 improved
New PCI devices +/- 220: Symbios, ATI, DEC, Cirrus, AMD, LSI, SIS, Texas,
  Number9, Qlogic, Brooktree, PLX, Madge, 3COM, Acer, AdvanSys, Macrinix,
  Nvidia, Emulex, Creative, Via, Accton, Philips, Eicon, Digi, Xircom,
  AT&T, Zoran, O2 Micro, C-Cube, Stallion 4, Rockwell 6, STB, Sundance,
  Conexant, NetVin, S3, Intel, Adaptec, 3Dlabs 15, ARK, AMI, National,
  AdvanSys, Action Tec
New Video cards : ATI Rage mobility, GeForce3 [NV20], ATI Radeon VE,
  Cirrus Logic Laguna 5464 BD, Nvidia GeForce 256 Ultra [NV10]
  Nvidia GeForce2 MX Ultra [NV11], Nvidia Crush11 integrated graphics
  S3 86C395B ProSavage, S3 86C508 SuperSavage 128/MX
  S3 86C544 SuperSavage 128/IX, S3 86C553 SuperSavage 128/IX DDR
  S3 86C564 SuperSavage/IX, S3 86C573 SuperSavage/IX DDR
  S3 86C583 SuperSavage/IXC SDR, S3 86C594 SuperSavage/IXC DDR

sa52i 02-03-2001
AMI bios recognition improved. Several other bios recognitions added.
  Award vendors expanded: AXIOM, California Graphics, Deawoo, Maxtium Computer,
  ALD Technology, Rsaptek, Eupa Computer, Aeton Technology.
SPD-rom: Manufacturer recognition and some other improvements.
Video: ATI Radeon DDR, Rage Mobility 128 AGP 4x
Windows 9x/ME version recognition (95 OSR 2.5 ...)
Pentium 4: small improvements
Several small improvements made.
PCI +/- 55: ATI, National, PLX techn., Rhode & Schwarz, Intel, Texas,
  Motorola, 3com, ESS, Rockwell, Bridgecom, Hypercope, Broadcom, netmos,
  Amplicon, IC Book labs
PCI Vendors: Netmos, Adreienne, IC book labs
Monitors: +/- 20 brands: AcerView, ACS, Bridge Information, Epson,
  Envision, Fujitsu, Korea Data Systems, Liteon, Olivetti, OKI, Packard Bell,
  PLB Monitor, ProView Technology, Sanyo, SGI (Silicon Graphics), Sampo,
  Sylvania, Toshiba, Totoku, TVM Monitor, Vestel, Nissei Sangyo

sa52h 14-01-2001
New Processors:
  National Geode GXm.
  National Geode GXLV.
  VIA Samuel 2.
VIA CYRIX III: Multiplier added.
Intel: Extended CPUID added.
SPD-rom: DDR-SGRAM recognition.
PCI IRQ: via class code. All are shown now.
Menu: Every page can be selected from every page.
      All pages have a memory.
Problems with several ATI video cards solved.
Several small improvements made.
Award BIOS vendors added: Matsonic, Delta Electronics, FastFame Technology,
   Datavan, Transcend Information Inc., Unico, ShenZhen Zeling.
New PCI devices +/- 100: Infeon, Intel, ATI, Cirrus, Xircom , Avlab, S3,
  Symbios Logic, NEC, Rockwell, Brooktree, National, SMSC, Rise.
New Monitors +/- 40: Sony, NEC, Packerd Bell, Toshiba.

sa52g 28-11-2000
Transmeta Cruseo: Clock frequency current and maximum, L1 & L2 cache,
  Processor name, Type.
Feature flag: Thermal Monitor
Monitor information expanded:
  DPMS support : Standby, Suspend, Off
  Sync inputs : Seperate, Composite, On-Green
  Signal : Analog or Digital
SPD info: On Intel 81x improved. 133MHz detektion. Date detektion improved.
  First DIMM with VIA chipset displayed.
PCI IRQ's display changed and expanded.
Now also printing via LPT2 with cntrl-P.
Some small WindowsME DOS problems solved
AMD K7 & Duron & IDT Winchip: some corrections
Several small improvements made.
Chipset: Intel 815EM mobile
New Monitors +/- 100: Mitsubishi, CTX, Iiyama, Eizo, Nano, LG electronics.
New PCI devices +/- 140: Compaq, Symbios, PLX, Perceptive, Matrox, NEC,
  Adaptec, Texas, Promise, CMD techn., Nvidia, Via, Apache, Intel, Fujitsu,
  Pequr, S3, Adaptec, DEC, D-link, Davicom, ATI, AMD, C&T, NEC, SIS, SMSC,
  3COM, Toshiba, ITE Inc.

sa52f 3-9-2000
AMD: Long mode feature report
IDE: Acoustic management information (seek time control)
SPD ROM: Tac=Acces time with max CL
New Video chips: Acer, S3, SiS, Matrox, DEC, Neomagic
IDT Winchip: some enhancments
WindowsME: Real Dos8.0 (boot floppy) problem solved
Problem on some computers DELL solved (hangs on start)
Several small improvements made.
PCI information text updated
New PCI vendors: Lintech, ICS advent, Integral technologies, RedCreek, SBS-OR.
New PCI devices +/-55: Lintech, Promise, Conexant, ICS advent, ATI, Samsung,
  AD, ASS, Trident, Texas, Neomagic , Applied micro ciruits, VIA, AVM, ESS,
  NetVin, Intel, Tiger, DEC, Matrox, SIS, Acer, Nvidia, Lite-on, S3, RedCreek,

sa52e 6-8-2000
Front Side Bus frequency with Intel processors (66/100/133 MHz)
Clock multiplier for Athlon processors added
New Brand ID for Pentium 4
New Intel feature flag: automatic clock control.
With IDT / Cyrix / AMD: extended feature flags
New clock multiplier for Intel Celerons: 8,5 t/m 10,5 (566-700MHz)
Solution for wrong L2 cache size of DURON stepping A0.
Intel: Level 3 cache: 512kB, 1024kB, 4096kB
  New level 2 cache en level 1 cache configurations
  Trace cache added.
New Video chips:
  National: GX1 internal
  Cyrix: GXm internal
  Chips & Technology 69030
  ATI Rage XL
  Trident Cyber9540
New Award vendors: Expen tech, Hightech Information System, Leadtek,
  RioWorks Solutions Inc, Waro Speed Ink, A-Corp, Adlink Technology Inc.
RPC2 test improved
Hard disk RPM test improved
Some changes in DMI text
Modem test in windows slightly changed
Small correction in platform ID
New PCI devices: +/- 120 added: National, DEC, IBM, Trident, Dell,
  Sony, Mylex, CMD techn., Brooktree, STB, PCX, 3COM, Nvidia, Infeon,
  Efficient Networks, Rendition, Pequr, Henrikon, ESS, Transmeta, Alteon,
  General Sign. Netw, Chase Research, Areal, IC ensemble, Chips&techn,
  Contemporary controls, SBS-OR, Intel, Opti, Plx, Via, Asix, Oxford.
New PCI vendors added: general Dynamics, SBS-OR, Terratec.

sa52d 5-7-2000
Added new processors:
  Transmeta TM5400 (only the name).
  National Geode GX1.
  AMD Duron and Spitfire.
  Xeon step A with 1 or 2MB on-die cache.
Intel Willamette is now called Pentium 4.
Intel chipsets i815, i820E, I850, I860 chipset added.
Added new Video chips:
  Dec Decchip 21130.
  Intel internal i815.
  Matrox MGA-G450 and G800.
  3Dfx VooDoo4/5, VSA-100.
RPM detection of SCSI hard disks improved.
Seek times of IDE drives > 8GB are correct now.
Capacity of drives > 8GB in windows 9x improved.
Added SMbus support for Intel ICH2.
SPD-rom information extended: CL, Trcd, Trp, Tras.
  (CL = CAS# Latencies supported, Trcd = Min RAS to CAS Delay,
   Trp = Min Row Precharge Time, Tras = Min RAS Pulse Width).
Switches to full screen, when starten in a window of Win 3.1/9x
PCI soundcard detection with sound part (like the SCSI card detection).
New PCI devices: +/- 130 added: ATI, DEC, IBM, Matrox, CMD techn, Brooktree,
 Nvidia 15, Via, Infeon, Eicon, Corolarry, Galileo, ESS, Computer Boards,
 Adlink, Quancom, Intel, matrox, nvidia, triones, V3 semiconductors, 3Dfx,
 connect tech., Timemedia, IC essemble, tiger networks.
New PCI vendors added: DaoGuo tech, Beyertone, Starbridge, Brown & sharp,

sa52c 6-6-2000
New processors K6-2+ and K6-III+ added.
Multiplier for new processors added.
RPC2 Information added (new DVD drives): Regio code, vendor resets left,
 user changes left, Type Code, RCP scheme.
Nvidia NV15 video chip is now called Quatro2.
SMB memory info with Via 686 and Via 596.
Memory test > 1MB changed.
Disk label with WindowsNT/2000.
False non partitions with drives > 8GB suppresed.
Several small improvements made.
New PCI devices: +/- 100 added: ATI, NEC, NvIDIA, AT&T, ESS, Intel, OPTI,
 sony, Interphase, DTC, Brooktree, PCX techn, macronix, nvidia, newbridge,
 applied microel, via, timemedia.

sa52b 05-5-2000
The 'Hard disk drive(s)' line has changed:
 free disk space and label added.
L2 cache code 83,84 and 85 added: 512/1M/2M 8way.
CPUID Processor name for Willamette added.
New video chips: 19 added.
New PCI devices: +/- 400 added.
New PCI vendors: 5 added.
Memory detection of GeForce corrected (if > 32MB).
Several small improvements made.

sa52a 02-4-2000
Recognition Cyrix III added.
Video chips added: SIS 540, Nvidia NV11, NV11 DDR, NV11 GL,
 NV15, NV15 DDR, NV15 Bladerunner, NV15 GL.
AWARD BIOS vendors added: ADI, Hedonic, Mustek, United.
Hard disks > 64MB.
Recognition patitions > 2GB improved.
Several small improvements made.
PCI vendors added, +/- 190.
PCI devices, +/- 280 added: Symbios logic, VLSI, Cirrus, Trident, SIS,
 Brooktree, Nvidia, Toshiba, ESS, 3com, Fortemedia, SIIG, Conexant,
 Avance logic, Motorola, AT&T, ESS, Rockwell, Nvidia, Aureal, Palit,
 Vmare, Litronic, HP, Opti, Texas, Sony, Realtek, Via, Schneider & Koch,
 3DFx, Ensonoq, Computer Boards, Intel.

sa51z 28-02-2000
Recognition of the Intel Willamette.
New Willamette feature flags: Selfsnoop / SSE-2 / ACPI / DTES / CLFSH.
New Itanium feature flag: IA-64.
Video memory size now > 64M.
DMI version 2.3.1 partly done.
DMI problems (HP vectra) solved.
It works with the Beta of Windows Millennium.
Error message with Win NT drives solved.
PCI devices, +/- 50 added: ATI, DEC, Cirrus, Matrox, nvidia,
 Applied Micro Circuits, Creative labs, VIA, Toshiba, Adlink, S3, Intel,
 Adaptec, Symbios, Dec, Acer, ESS, Sis, US Robotics.

sa51y 31-01-2000
Recognition video chip Savage 2000
Memory detection of Riva TNT2 corrected.
Platform of new Intel processors.
Problems with DRDOS/EMM386 Solved.
Several small improvements made.
 PCI devices, +/- 60 added: Texas, Olicom, Madge, VIA (athlon chipset), S3,
 DEC, Nvidia, Triones, Philips, C-Cube, Integrated Techn Express inc, Intel,
 Applied Dynamics
Monitors, +/- 35 added: Samsung.

sa51x 28-11-1999
AMD K7 0.18um added.
Max HD capacity by ASPI now 2.147 GB
It works in Windows 2000. The information is strong reduced.
HD speed and rotation now also in Windows 3.1/95/98.
12 Vendors added in Award bios.
The Y2K test is now initially switched off. With /@ you can switch it on.
Several small improvements made.
PCI devices, +/- 100 added:
(Compaq, ATI, DEC, NEC, SIS, HP, Texas, Motorola, Yamaha, Neomagic,
 Creative labs, Pequr, Toshiba, O2 micro, 3dfx, ESS, Packet engines,
 Symbios, ALI, Nvidia, Via, Avance logic, SUN, Aureal.)

sa51w 26-11-1999
Coppermine now called Pentium III/E
Brand ID added
Intel Pentium III Xeon detection with brand ID
L2 cache with Intel Coppermine: 256k 8way.
Cache info in windows from CPUID
3DNow! extension and AMD MMX extension recognition added
Video: Nvidia GeForce 256 types
Chipsets: Intel 820 and 840 added
PCI information: +/- 150 devices added.
(acer, s3, motorola, winbond, texas,poti,nec, matrox, ibm, kolter, zoran,
3dfx, ess, microdyne, rockwell, davicom, Yuan, atleon, aureal, cologne,
c-media, via, sb, realtek, nvidia, adatec, intel.)
sa51v 20-10-1999
Processor: Intel Merced (64 bit) now called Itanium.
Windows 3.x: Now works with Windows 3.x (A few people asked this.)
(Now: DOS/Win3.x/Win95/Win98/WinNT)
PCI class: 50 types added.
PCI: +/- 200 vendors and +/-750 devices and subsystems added!
(Intel 810E, PowerVR250 ...)
VIDEO chips added: ATI (13x), Avance logic 2128, Tseng ET6300,
Trident Cyber9383,9397DVD,9520,9525, TGUI9683,9753,9783,9785, Blade 3D,
Number 9 Revoluton 4, Neomagic MagiGraph 256ZX, MagicMedia 256AV, NM2097,
Intergraphics IGA 1683, Via VT398, Sigma Design Realmagic86/GX, S3 ViRGE/M3,
Intel 752, OAK OTI-64217 OTI-64317, Intel 81820E integrated, PowerVR250,
NE2000 and Soundblaster : Now more than one card is recognised.
Several small improvements made.
sa51u 19-09-1999
Now you do not have to start SA from the location it reside.
NE2000 ISA cards are detected,
 if the MAC address is initialised, it is shown.
PCI Realtek networkcards MAC address is shown, if it is initialised.
K6-II multiplier is shown.
SA works with Windows NT. The information is reduced and less accurate.
WindowsNT information added: Product, Version, Localization.....
S3 video chips added: ViRGE/GX2+, ViRGE/GX2+MV, Savage3d w/MV, Trio3D/2X,
 Savage/MX, Savage/MX w/MV, Savage/IX, Savage/IX w/MV, Savage4 LT,
 Savage4 GT/Pro
Error in level 3 cache recognition solved.
If there is to little memory for SA to run, it does not crash anymore,
 but it now stops with a message.
Expansion SA50.PCI (44 added: Via 2x, trident, terratec, Elsa Synergy II 3x,
 Brooktree 3x, Via 2, trident 1, AMD 2x, Elsa 13x, Creative 2x, STB 2x,
 Savage4 7x, S3 7x, Guillemot 1x)
Expansion SA50.PMP (48 monitors added: 7 eizo, 3 nano, 23 compaq, 15 acer)

sa51t 15-08-1999
RIMM information added
DIMM information expanded (registered, Serial number)
ESCD information: IRQ level/edge, shareable, DMA byte/word/Dword, shareable.
Processor added: Pentium III Coppermine
AMD chipset AMD-755 and AMD-756 For Athlon
Network cards of AMD, Holtek, Compex, VIA, Winbond
Video adapters Diamond V770, V770 ultra, V730, S540, S520
Matrox G400, G400 dual head, G250, VooDoo3 3500 TV
sa51s 11-07-1999
ESCD information.
The DMI information is on a separate screen.
The ESCD has the /E switch, the Y2K test has the /@ switch now.
Processor information: Rise mP6 (0.18u), AMD K7 - AMD Athlon
Matrox information: Serial number, RAMDAC frequency, BIOS file name.
Memory information updated to SPD version 2.0.
In a dosbox of Windows 95/98 long file names can be used.
The Saved result information needs 40% less space.
Expansion SA50.PCI (+/- 70 added: sis, yamaha, creative, VIA (o.a. MVP4),
AT&T, Rockwell, Symbios, Asus, Adaptec, Matrox, Diamond, ESS, Aureal, Intel.)

sa51r 06-06-1999
USB host controller info.
USB host Port 1/2 status info.
MS LAN manager info: Domain, Computer, User
Measures secondary cache of 1MB to 8MB.
New Video chips: SIS 6225, SIS 530, VooDoo3, Riva TNT2, ATI RAGE 128 PRO
SMBus DIMM info at ICH / ICH0 from Intel 810.
The Y2K test can be switched off
In Dosbox (win95/98) now ATA/ATAPI info if it is accessible.
Logitech USB mouse recognition
Several small improvements made.
Expansion SA50.PCI (+/- 180 added:
ATI, VooDoo, SIS, Rockwell, E-tech, Diamond, Realtek, nVidia)
Expansion SA50.PMP (+/- 110 monitors added, NEC, LG, ...)

sa51q 08-05-1999
PnP ROM information extended.
Processor: IDT WinChip 2A.
Video chip: Matrox G400.
Networkcard number with IPX.
Windows information: Win path, PC type, Display, Keyboard, mouse, printer, Swap file drive.
Cache test of 1MB and higher improved.
PCI subsys recognition improved.
Hard disk recognition 8GB in dosbox improved.
logical drive 2GB with DOS improved.
Modem recognition improved (Rockwell PCI modems).
Modem information improved.
Several small improvements made.
Expansion SA50.PCI (+/- 60 added: Intel 810 chipset, ATI, 3Dfx, matrox, Miro, Creative, VIA)
Expansion SA50.PMP (14 Dell, 47 Panasonic monitors added).

sa51p 03-04-1999
More Video chips: ATI rage 128 / 128GL, Mitsubishi 3DPro/2mp, Trident 9388
Award bios vendors: 40 added
ASPI Write cache enable/disable added
More information from the memory modules
Monitor Serial number
Level 3 cache with K6-3.
More information from the Interrupt 13 extension
Several small improvements made.
Expansion SA50.PMP (6 iiyama monitors added)
Expansion SA50.PCI (+/- 50 added)
(e.g.: C-media, Rockwell, Trident, Mitsubishi, SIS, Trident, ATI)

sa51o 21-02-1999
Pentium III recognition
Serial-number of the Pentium III
Feature flags: Serial Number + Streaming SIMD Extension added.
Mobile Pentium II recognition
Mobile Celeron recognition
K6-3 L2 cache recognition
Cyrix M II recognition
DMI version 2.3 completed
Capacity 8GB of SCSI Hard disks from ASPI.
ASPI: SCSI-3 recognition
ASPI: device type recognition, 8 added
ASPI: Tracks, heads and Rotation speed with Hard disks (if supported)
ASPI: CD-ROM buffer size
ASPI: Date of device
PCI: Sub system device name
Expansion SA50.PNP (5 added)
Expansion SA50.PCI (+/- 80 added)

sa51n 17-01-1999
Hard disk 8GB with INT 13, Partitiontable and IDE
DMI almost extended to version 2.3 (4 to go)
The DMI information more often (e.g. DELL)
IDE MultiW-DMA: supported + used
PCI: base address
Recognition of Rise mP6
IDT C6 processor clock speed corrected
Several small improvements made.
Expansion SA50.PNP (Compaq)
Expansion SA50.PMP (34 philips monitors added)
Expansion SA50.PCI (+/- 10 devices added: Cirrus, IBM, Diamond, Brooktree)

sa51m 21-12-1998
DMI detection changed
DMI information extended
Several small improvements made
Expansion SA50.PNP

sa51l 11-12-1998
Registration at WWW.REG.NET
CompuServe SWREG possible until 31 December 1998
DMI version number.
Processor: SGS-Thomson ST6x86.
Logical HD 2097MB now always in Windows 95/98
SMB memmodul:Frequency (66 or 100MHz), Name, version, date.
Expansion SA50.PCI (Yamaha, Brooktree, Acer, Xilinx, Via, ESS,
Intel (PIIX4e), Rockwell)

sa51k 11-11-1998
DVD speed divided by 1350 (150 with CD).
Y2K test: 2000 rollover, set century byte, set 01-01-2000, leap year 2000.
Cyrix CPU's: multiplier and external frequency.
Dos clock in Cmos info.
IDT: WinChip 2, WinChip 3. Also the name out of CPUID.
Video chip CT 69000 added.
Several small improvements made.
Expansion SA50.PCI (e.g. CT)

sa51j 18-10-1998
If an ASPI driver is present: the names with the hard disks
More Video chips: 3Dlabs Permedia II, Avance logic ALG2064, 3dfx Banshee,
 S3 Savage3D.
ATAPI: Optical + magnetic devices info. (e.g. Zipdrive)
Expansion SA50.PCI (Compaq, CMD techn, ALi, Trident, Diamond, Compex,
 Rockwell, 3Dlabs ,Avance logic, 3Dfx Banshee, S3 Savage3D)
 Now total 1172 devices, 1112 brands.
Expansion SA50.PMP (Iiyama, NEC, CTX, Elsa, Sony, Eizo). Now total 875.

sa51i 02-10-1998
The DVD capacity is now correct.
CD-ReWritable recognition. (ATAPI only)
8 Monitors vendors added.
Vendor + name with SCSI hard disks.
Processors: Xeon and Celeron A.
Video chips from Xenon, Intel, Riva added.
Several small improvements made.
Expansion SA50.PCI (Intel NX, Intel GX, Riva TNT, Riva ZX, Intel 740, Xenon).

sa51h 20-08-1998
Recognition of: CD-Recordable / DVD-ROM / DVD-Recordable / DVD-RAM. (ATAPI only)
Videochips: Matrox G100/G200 PCI and AGP.
Processors: Celeron.
Rs232 and Lpt status in/out byte.
Outerspeed of CD-Rom improved.
The /Z switch disables the mouse reset
Several small improvements made.
Expansion SA50.PCI (matrox...)

sa51g 18-07-1998
Pentium II: Multiplier, System speed, ECC.
CD-ROM info extended: Vendor info, Buffer size, Supported speed,
                      Selected speed, Capabilities, Ultra-DMA.
ACPI recognition.
PCI IRQ table version.
+/- 10 fat codes added. (e.g. W95 32bit hidden)
Several small improvements made.
Expansion SA50.PCI (+/- 300 vendors, 15 devices)

sa51f 05-06-1998
New video chip ViRGE/MX-MV
Configuration manager PnP codes also on the IRQ/DMA screen.
Pentium II : Multiplier internal/external frequency.
             The external frequency.
             If ECC is active at the secondary cache.
Several small improvements made.
Expansion SA50.PNP
Expansion SA50.PCI (+/- 150 devices)

sa51e 04-05-1998
Several video chips added. (e.g.: Matrox G100, Neomagic MagicGraph 128XD,
S3 Trio3D, Virge/MX, Virge/G2, Virge/M5)
DMI detection improved.
Several small improvements made.
Expansion SA50.PNP
Expansion SA50.PMP (+/- 220 monitors)
Expansion SA50.PCI (+/- 300 devices)

sa51d 19-04-98
Modem speed detection changed
New line with supported modem modes
Several small improvements made.
Expansion SA50.PCI

sa51c 13-04-98
EMU test improved
More Award bios vendor names (+22)
PnP modem information (if supported)
More video chips
Recognition of the Adaptec 1520b
Several small problems solved.
Expansion SA50.PCI

sa51b 17-03-98
HD user type from the AWARD and AMI bios.
Processor name from CPUID.
More Internal CPU cache Information.
More video adapters (SIS, Matrox).
ISDN recognition improved.
Several small problems solved.
Expansion SA50.PMP
Expansion SA50.PCI

sa51a 01-03-98
Extended DMI information
More video chips (e.g. Rendition Verite 2200)
More AMI bios information
Expansion SA50.PCI

sa50y 01-02-98
Several small problems solved.

sa50x 03-01-98
Recognition of the AMD K6-3D and K6PLUS-3D.
ACPI recognition.
PCI adapters: 66MHz=yes/no and Adapter Rom.
Several small problems solved.
Information about DIMM modules extended
Expansion SA50.PCI

sa50w 20-12-97
AGP information of the controller and Video adapter.
CD-Rom inner and outer speed.
More videochips (e.g. Trident and ATI).
Cyrix MediaGX and GXm recognition.
Code of the AMI bios.
3D accelerator recognition.
Several small problems solved.
Expansion SA50.PCI (e.g. the BX Pentium II chipset)

sa50v 05-12-97
Information about DIMM modules (Type, Speed, Level, Error handling), if a PXII4 is present.
More videochips (e.g. NVidia, Alliance, ATI, IBM, Thomson, #9, Rendition)
Several small problems solved
Expansion SA50.PCI

sa50u 22-11-97
Award bios vendor names (64)
Expansion SA50.PCI (+/- 200)
Expansion SA50.PMP

sa50t 02-11-97
The CD-Rom speed is the maximum speed. (if the CD-Rom is big enough)

sa50s 26-10-97
IDT C6 processor recognition and clock speed.
PS/2 mouse recognition without driver.
Version number of Award bios.
PnP information of mouse extended (if present): Serial#, Class, DeviceID, UserName.

sa50r 04-10-97
DMI recognition, size, address and version string.
Expansion SA50.PCI

sa50q 27-09-97
Measures the DMA of the ECP Lpt port.
Measures the Fifo of the ECP Lpt port.
Recognition of the COM3 + COM4 IRQ improved.
Chipset information from the Award bios
More S3 video chips
More Cirrus chips
More often the kind of memory of the video adapter.
Bug fix: After VESA/DC the hard disk measurements where sometimes wrong
Expansion SA50.PCI (e.g. Matrox, VIA, Intel)

sa50p 17-08-97
Common ISDN API recognition
Expansion SA50.PCI

sa50o 03-08-97
EMU8000 wavetablechip recognition + amount of memory.
MIDI environment variable line.
K6 values adjusted.
Hard disk rotation now until 10000 rpm.
EDID screen size enhanced. Diagonal size added.
Recognition of the Cyrix 6x86L
Values of the Cyrix 6x86MX (M2) adjusted.
Expansion SA50.PCI

sa50n 05-07-97
EDID production year + week.
EDID screen size.
Improved IDE/SCSI recognition.
Bug fix: the 64kb speed of fast HD's was to low.
Bug fix: all PnP cards are now detected.

sa50m 01-06-97
More SCSI adapters.
More Video chips.
EDID version number of monitor
Expansion SA50.PCI
Expansion SA50.PMP

sa50l 30-05-97
Registration via CompuServe GO SWREG # 15478
ESCD size + address
APM PnP code + DeviceID.
PCI Sub vendor + device code
PCI busmaster / mem space / I/O space

sa50k 06-05-97
Several small problems solved
Expansion SA50.PCI

sa50j 17-04-97
Partitions 2GB Several small problems solved
Expansion SA50.PCI

sa50i 05-04-97
Ultra-DMA recognition of IDE hard disks
Extra test if the BIOS supports HD's larger then 516MB.
Because a jump to the next location takes much more time with a Pentium MMX
then any other processor, the relative speed routine has been changed.
Several small problems solved
Expansion SA50.PCI
Expansion SA50.PMP (monitors)

sa50g 15-03-97
The name of a PnP mouse

sa50f 22-02-97
VESA VBE/DC monitor recognition. More than 400 monitor types +/- 30 brands.
You can switch it off with /Q. Monitors in SA50.PMP.
Recognition of ATAPI removable medium, Toshiba 3mode and NEC 3mode.
Recognition of PU_1700 driver. 1.78MB on 1,44MB.
More boot codes.
Expansion SA50.PCI. (e.g. USB devices and Cardbus)

sa50e 08-02-97
Modem speed more often.
More video chips (16 brands).
Recognition of P55C (Pentium MMX), AMD K5 model 2 and Cyrix M2.
Memory info, with PCI info, of 82437VX 82439HX 82441FX improved.
Version of Award bios.
UMB with Windows 95 also visible.

sa50d 19-01-97
Character in upper right corner is now blinking.
CD-ROM info improved.

sa50c 05-01-97
With Cyrix CPU's also CPUID test.

sa50b 03-01-97
Some minor problems solved.

sa50a 17-12-97
PnP cards. (Name / io port / mem address / irq / dma ..).